Where are you located?

My studio is located in Grove Oak, Alabama, next door to the beautiful Buck's Pocket State Park. I have various shooting locations through DeKalb, Marshall, and Jackson counties.

What kinds of sessions do you offer?

I offer newborn, maternity, senior, baby milestone, and Athlete Action sessions.

How far in advance can I book a session?

I am currently taking appointments no farther than 4-6 weeks in advance, with the exception of newborns. Newborn sessions can be reserved several months ahead.

When should I book a newborn session?

It's best to reserve your spot on my calendar at least a couple months prior to your due date. Newborns are best photographed within 2-3 weeks after birth, and I normally do not have any last minute availability if you wait until after the baby is born to contact me about a session.

Are outfits and props provided for newborns?

Yes! I have a vast selection of newborn items in my closet. Unless you have special props or personal items you wish to incorporate, there's no need to worry about bringing anything like that to your session.

When do I pay for my session?

There is a $50 deposit due at the time of booking your session. This deposit officially reserves your date on my calendar. If it is not paid by the due date, your time slot will be made available to others. The remaining about is due at the time of the session.
For baby portrait plan clients, the $50 deposit is only required for the newborn session. Partial payments will then be due at each session.

Are you available on Sundays?

I am not available for sessions on Sundays. But I do offer some Saturday sessions every month.

Are outfit changes allowed?

Absolutely! I recommend 3-4 outfits for seniors and teens. Small children tend to do best with fewer outfit changes, so 2-3 is usually best for little ones.

Can I order prints through you? Or where do you recommend printing?

YES!! You can order professional quality prints and products directly through me at any time. I have a great selection of products available, and will be happy to help you find the right one for you.
If you would like to print elsewhere, I recommend using for the highest quality.

Do you shoot weddings?

I am not available for weddings at this time, but I would be happy to refer you!

Do you photograph families and multi-generational groups?

Due to decreased session availability and to further hone in my skills to a more specific niche, I will no longer be offering family sessions to new clients. I do have a few wonderful long-time clients that have been booking family sessions with me for years and I will continue to honor that relationship whenever possible. There are some other amazing local photographers that specialize in families (and large groups) that I will be happy to refer you to.


- A retainer of $50 is required to reserve a session. If no retainer is received within two weeks of selecting a date, one reminder will be sent. If no response or arrangement is made, then the date will be reopened for other clients to book. The remaining amount is due at the session.

- If the client needs to cancel the session for any reason, he/she is responsible for contacting the photographer prior to the scheduled session time. I totally understand that things come up (kids get sick, etc.). I just ask that you please be considerate of my time and let me know you need to cancel or reschedule at least 3 hours prior to session time. If a client makes no attempt to contact me beforehand and does not show up for their appointment, they forfeit their $50 retainer. If said client wishes to book another session, then FULL payment will be due upon booking.

- The client may transfer a retainer to a different date/session ONE TIME. If the client wishes to 

reschedule again (and the reason is not sickness or another emergency), then a new retainer will need to be paid.

- All sessions have a maximum time limit. Time begins at the client’s scheduled session time. Any amount of time that a client is late is time taken away from the session. 

- If incliment weather arises (rain, storms, etc.) the day of your outdoor session, the session will be rescheduled. Studio sessions are not affected unless the weather is severe (such as severe thunderstorm or tornadoes), or there is other travel risk for the client.

- Photographer cannot be held responsible for uncooperativeness of the subject. Children aren’t always happy, and definitely not always in the mood for photos. I do everything possible to get the images we desire, but sometimes a child just does not want to smile. In that event, I will capture other artistic images that you will love.

- If you prefer for your images not to be posted on social media and your sneak peek sent privately via email, please inform me of your preference before your session.

- Clients are welcome to share images on social media. I only ask that you not alter the images (such as with filters).

- Do not save and/or screenshot any unpurchased images from your proofing gallery. It is a violation of copyright law and is ILLEGAL.

- If additional digital files are purchased, the download gallery will not be released to the client until full payment for additional files is received.

- Reschedule dates are not offered for mini sessions (unless photographer needs to reschedule the entire event due to weather, etc). If a client cancels their mini session spot at least 24 hours in advance, their payment will be credited for use in a future session. If a client does not show up for their mini session without prior notice, the full payment is forfeited.