(Babies 1-12 months old)


What is a Milestone Session?

Milestone sessions are sessions for babies 1 month to 12 months old. Most of the time these are done at "milestone" moments such as when baby can sit up or for their first birthday.

How far in advance can I book a milestone session?

Milestone sessions cannot be booked more than 4-6 weeks in advance. My calendar opens for booking at the end of every month. You can be added to my notification list at any time for any month, and I will email you my available dates as soon as the booking window opens.

Where is your studio located?

My studio is located in Grove Oak, Alabama, next door to the beautiful Buck's Pocket State Park. I do both indoor and outdoor sessions there, or completely outdoor sessions are available at other locations.

Are props and outfits provided?

Yes! I have a vast selection of baby outfits in my closet that range from newborn to 12 months. Unless you have special items or outfits you wish for them to wear, there's no need to worry about bringing anything like that to your session.

Are family and sibling images included?

Yes! While the majority of images will focus on baby, parent and sibling images are included during the session if desired.

How many outfits/setups are included?

Babies tend to get overstimulated very easily. That's why I recommend a maximum of 3 outfits for any age.

Why are only morning times available?

Happy babies make happy portraits, and I've learned the hard way over the years that the later in the day it gets, the fussier babies tend to get. For the best session experience for us and baby, I do milestone sessions early in the day.