What is an Athlete Action Session?

This isn't your typical sports themed photoshoot. These images are dramatic athlete portraits that feature both action shots and captivating portraits. Special effect editing (such as fire) is also included.

How far in advance can I book an Athlete Action Session?

Athlete Action sessions cannot be booked more than 4-6 weeks in advance. My calendar opens for booking at the end of every month. You can be added to my notification list at any time for any month, and I will email you my available dates as soon as the booking window opens.

What sports can we do?

Any sport! The most popular are baseball/softball, basketball, football, cheer, volleyball, and golf, but Athlete Action Sessions can be done for any sport you love!

Can I do more than one sport in the same session?

Yes, BUT...Due to the lighting equipment setup required to achieve this look, we are only able to do one location. We will not be able to go to multiple sports fields/arenas, so just keep that in mind. I recommend a maximum of 2 sports at one session.

What are the "special effect edits"?

These are added effects such as fire, flying dirt or other textures, colored lighting, etc. We will also be doing more classic poses with classic editing, so your session will include both.

What is a digital poster?

The digital poster is a custom sports poster designed with the image of your choice. The poster can include the athlete's name, jersey number, team name, or whatever you like. The file will be suitable to print as an 18x24 poster (or smaller).

Where will the session be photographed?

The location depends on the sport(s) to be featured and what is available to us. Most clients prefer to do the sessions at their school/community facilities, in which case the client will need to obtain proper permissions and access to that location.