Basic Editing

Basic color and light corrections + skin retouching in Miranda's style

$7 per image

Composite Editing

More complex editing such as face-swaps, object removal, or blending of multiple images. Price varies based on degree of complexity and time required.

Starting at $10 per image

Imagination Composite

A complete fantasy style Storybook edit — background replacement, special effects, added elements — plus posing guidance for taking your own photo.

$25 per image

Photo Restoration

Repaire and retouching of old or damaged photos. Price varies depending on the extent of work required. Please note that not all photos are salvageable.

Starting at $10 per image

*** I cannot edit any copyrighted images taken by other professional photographers without their written permission. *** If you are a professional photographer, and are interested in my editing work, please let me know. While I am not able to edit full galleries at this time, I am happy to help with a tricky image or two. Send an email to imaginationphotog@yahoo.com to inquire about editing services.