About Me

Hey y'all! I’m Miranda Cunningham, the girl behind the camera. Out in the real world, you'd recognize me as the slightly awkward gal in the vintage Mickey Mouse shirt filling her Target cart with Dr. Pepper and arguing with her 7 year old about which color of lightsaber is the coolest. I'm a wife, mom of two, volunteer firefighter, avid Disney enthusiast, and coffee addict who loves all the artsy things. Mostly though, I'm just a kid a heart that never stopped believing in fairytales and magic.

I started this creative journey about 15 years ago, all because of a photo that doesn't exist. We all have moments and people we wish we could return to, that shaped our lives for the better in some way. Too often we don't realize their importance until years down the road when we have nothing left of them but a fading memory in our mind's eye. That's why God made photographers.

I am so incredibly blessed to get to preserve those moments for others, not only for the here and now, but for future generations looking for a window into the past. Over the years, I’ve developed a speciality in newborn, maternity, and senior photography. Capturing the beautiful fleeting first moments of brand new little lives is my passion.

My style is simple, true to life, and focuses more on the emotion of the moment rather than the trends of the time. My goal is to capture beautiful, yet authentic and emotional images for my clients that will remain timeless. I believe beauty is everywhere, and every human being is an unique piece of art worth admiring.

Miranda Cunningham, owner/photographer

“And she saw the world not always as it was, but as perhaps it could be, with just a little bit of magic.”